My eyes wide with confusion,

Furrowed brows, clasped hands, hollow lips,

As my teeth dug as deep

As my nails in red, torn skin.

Wishing I could start again.

One massive, personality transfusion.

My tongue, numb to true words spoken,

But, oh, how I wished that you had seen me.

How I wished that you knew my soul.

But, really, how could you?

Human eyes are blind in the dark

And I am the burrowed mole.



I live in a daydream,

No, its a nightmare.

As the end of the day draws near,

I have run my soul into the ground,

Dragged my heart across the dirt,

Wrecked my brain into oblivion.

Separation is the key

Element I can not produce.

As I watch my father decline,

Waves of desperation strike like a tsunami.

I have no light to shine.

Out of his mouth spreads

Insanity like wildfire.

His mind is a factory of delusions,

New productions never tire.

I have lost myself in this endeavor,

To right the wrongs he spouts.

Body numb from all the chaos,

Eyes glazed over, I blankly stare.

Now I live here in this daydream.

No, I live here in this nightmare.