Not Alone

Photo by Kate Tandy on Unsplash

Sweet flower,

Why did you float away-

On crystal blue waters,

Where you sat and slowly swayed,

Below the dock, I perched and my toes dipped lightly

Forming a ripple, just one, then two, and three,

Circles that widened over crystal blue waters.

Perhaps, sweet flower, you’re going somewhere,

A journey, a mission, a path to follow-

And though my eyes grow moist and my lips may quiver,

I will not grow weak from the time we shared,

But your memories will spark when I need them the most.

And time is a sea monster, but never will I faulter

Because, sweet flower, I carry you with me,

But until I go and leave from this dock,

My clouded eyes will sit here and watch

As the golden sky sinks low unto the place where its from,

An orange hew bounces off the blue waters,

And you float away, towards the sun.


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