Who We Were

Sometimes its a song, spinning my mind in circles

Of what we had, 

Of who we were,

Of how it was. 

In these rose colored glasses,

I see only the good.

The two of us laughing in the streets,

Forgetting our way, our path, our reasons.

Rain soaked us through to the bone, but carefree we ran.

Paper bag, not on head, 

Because that pie was more important,

Handmade in the city that made us.

That wove us,

Together, like two separate strings of yarn,

You blue and me pink. 

The two of us sinking into the sandy deep,

Sunset over the horizon,

I cover my face with yours, just before

That high rushes me towards the water.

And you laugh, your face splashed with smiles. 

Its just a smile,

Thoughts of us bring to my reminiscent face,

Filling me with glee, as I delight in our  memories

In the way it was.

And in these moments, I forget the way it is. 

I forget the struggles that this dream has cost us.

I forget the goals we wrote,

With fast pens and slow hands. 

My mind forgets it all, 

But my heart remembers how it was. 

In that life, we had no reasons, no consequences.

We lived in the now, and oh,


We lived. 


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