Who hasn’t fallen victim to the entanglement of social media? Every time I open Instagram and see the pictures of beautiful people I’ll never look like with millions of friends I’ll never have, I regret it. I question myself. I feel as if I am not enough. But then I look outside of my window. I remember that real beauty is everywhere in the natural world. It’s not a made up, filtered face on social media, it’s the whites of the clear blue waves crashing on the shore. It’s the bird building a nest of torn up branches for his mate on the sand cliffs above the flat sand where the dogs eagerly chase their toy balls. This is real beauty. Just escaping the walls that surround you and enjoying the world outside your window.

Photo by: Pooeelouis

Monterey Bay, CA

My fingertips glide from your lowest point,

to your highest.

One glance, one glimmer,

at perfection, I’ll never be.

Images that move, images that are still.

Still, I am no you.


is what you create

and my obsessions,

are what you stimulate.

One screen, set my eyes ablaze, forever a prisoner

to a deep wave of jealous green.

Yet, another screen, transparency save,

blocks another life.

A tangible world of imperfect beauty.

I open that screen.

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