The Journey

I’m a little behind on my poetry class, so I’m writing one from a couple days ago about taking a journey. The journey of which I allude to in this poem is that of life. At times, or all times really, I feel stuck in my career. I worry that I won’t grow, learn new things and I feel my soul slowly deteriorating. Maybe that’s a little extreme, but I’m sure I’m not the only who feels that way. That’s why I started writing again, because only through words can I convey my true passions. What I really want to do with my journey is out there and whether I’ll start by turning left or right – that I can find in here.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco (this one is by me)

I run back and forth,

Like a hawk circling her prey.

Like my cat chasing his toy laser,

That red glow forever taunting.

Patiently he waits in the shadows,

While his light emitted prey switches from tangible to nothing.

The hunt is forever daunting.

Get a wrench to break the chains of normalcy.

Let the pack move on without you,

Let the farmer sow his seeds.

They’re not your pack, they were never your seeds.

Move on like the bird when she first learns to soar.

Lest the past crushes you, like waves upon the shore.

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