Since I’ve moved to this city, I yearned for a close friend. Someone to laugh with, get coffee with every Saturday morning and go shopping. Really what I wanted was someone who understood me in all of my uniqueness or as some would affectionately say, my weirdness. I’ve joined clubs, volunteered and even put myself out there and gave someone my number. I even went as far as to make a profile on an app for finding friends. None of this was very fruitful for me. It wasn’t until recently that it occurred to me that my confidant, my life partner, my everything, was my best friend. We did get coffee on Saturdays. We did shop and we definitely laughed. I laugh with no one more than with him. He’s my light in all the mental darkness I create for myself. So today’s poem is about the man who would never leave me out, the man who gets me in my oddest moments and accepts all of it. Accepts all of me. I hope that everyone has someone like this and can relate. If you don’t, I hope you find that person. Love is everything.

Stage 4, Marriage: For as long as you both shall live.

Photo By: Pooeelouis

Edinburgh, Scotland

Friends (I attempted to use the acrostic method)

Moments that crush me,

You tell me not to jump.

Lying on the point of no return,

Over the abyss.

Vow not to fall,

Else I’d be a sparkle of dust in the mist.

Bring me back from the asylum that exists in my head.

Ring the bell fives times,

I’ll come with fast ears for the sweet words that you said.

Nothing else, no one else,

Grabs me hope like it’s free.

Save me from the torture I create for myself.

Moments that crush me,

Erased by your kindness, your unconditional love.

Pull me close,

Envelope me in your warmth,

Allow me to breathe.

Call me your truest friend,

Every morning, every eve.


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